Polis Hammam

An Authentic Traditional Hammam
Address: Avliton 6-8, Psirri
Email: athens@polis-hammam.gr

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Polis Hammam, a place where time stands still and everyday life fades out. Here, you will discover an oasis of serenity and tranquility where your inner energy and your outer glow will regenerate.
You should trust your wellness to our specialized therapists, who will help you to develop your customized treatment programme for maximum relaxation from a wide range of exclusive hammam and massage rituals, effective body treatments and bespoke facials.

Beauty and well being is subtly incorporated into its rituals that help purify the mind, body and spirit. The precious and nourishing relationship between our bodies and water is revived as we awaken our natural instincts to reconnect spiritually with other beings through water’s life giving properties.

What is a Hammam
The traditional classic marble hot room with the impressive dome, the stalls, the troughs with the running waters, where the complete authentic bathing ritual takes place combined with all the traditional garments and materials, as well as the necessary relaxation in special rooms, with aromatic tea, delights, spoon sweets ……
Detoxify, steam and purify. You enter the hammam and the warm water, the steam will prepare your skin for the treatment that will follow! The trained Hammam Therapists will start with a vigorous exfoliating scrub from head to toe, with the skilful use of a traditional Hammam glove. You can feel your cares melt away as your skin is gently sloughed of impurities as you are rinsed by bucket after bucket with water.
Your body, your soul and your mind will relax and sooth with the soap massage as the expert hands will release all tension from the muscles with a combination of deep pressure applied at specific points and gentle strokes with the bubbles and the hair wash at the end! Please remember to request light, medium or deep pressure.
Afterwards, you will relax at our special lounge to offer you the traditional tea and the Turkish delight.
Also, you will fall under the spell of our exquisite signature massages, body and face rituals.

At Polis Hammam, body care and mental relaxation are always a priority, combined with a clean environment, professionalism and the sense of hospitality.

Polis Hammam Services
• Authentic Traditional Hammam
• V.I.P. Service – Exclusive Use of Hammam
• Massages
• Facial and Body Treatments
• Sauna
• Wedding Packages
• Gift Cards
• Bachelor and Corporate Parties
• Anniversaries, Birthdays, Name Days
• Combined Discount Services & Personal Memberships
• Hammam Products

Mon-Frid: 12.00-23.00, Sat-Sun: 11.00-23.00

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Avliton 6, Athina 105 54, Greece
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