Archaeological Museum of Megara

Archaeological Museum of Megara
Address: 22 Dimarchou G. Menidiati Str., Τ.Κ. 19100, Megara

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The Megaron Museum exhibits objects from the rescue excavations of the 3rd Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities in the city of Megara and the wider region. The findings cover the period from the 8th century. B.C. Up to the 2nd century. A.D. Its purpose was to house some of the findings of the Megara Archaeological Collection and to become a small culture lung on the outskirts of western Attica.

On the ground floor of the building are the marble finds. Monumental sculptures and votive reliefs are exhibited in Hall A, framed by information from excavations and literary sources of monumental sculpture and reliefs of Megara from the Archaic to the Roman Era. Also presented in a design representation is the Victory of the Megara, a copy of the gravure of 1847.

In Hall B there are inscriptions that provide information on the public life of the Classical mainly Era and tombstones of the Classical, Hellenistic and Roman period. They are framed by relevant texts and photographs.

In hall C on the floor are exhibited objects selected from burial sets dating back to the 8th century. Until the 1st century. B.C. They are framed by surveillance material, photographs, drawings and texts on the location of the ancient cemeteries in the topography of the modern and ancient city and the burial customs.

Hall D presents objects related to everyday life in antiquity, mainly clay and bronze. Of particular interest is the depositor of an archaic sanctuary at Place Buri in Alepochori. Of the numerous findings of the sanctuary, few representative examples of worship and the local ceramic workshop, of which they are products, are exhibited. A succinct presentation of the excavation is done with the help of surveillance material that frames the showcase with the exhibits of the sanctuary.

In the courtyard of the museum are exhibited inscriptions, statuettes and architectural members of various periods.

Tuesday-Sunday: 08.00-15.00 Closed on Monday

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