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Advanced Travel provides a complete gamut of travel services. It partners with all airline carriers and has direct access to thousands of hotels and services throughout the world. The agency remains a key partner in the leading AMADEUS electronic ticketing system used by the greatest airline carriers globally like Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France, Qatar Airways, Aegean Airlines, etc. It communicates online with the largest global hotel booking providers and enjoys prompt service from a network of local ground handling providers in many countries.
It invests daily in BACK OFFICE improvement so that it can update its clients with any information they may find relevant at any time, and at the same time file and process all financial records aiming continuously to lower the cost for its clients. It cooperates with Panasoft, the unquestionably best back office company for the travel industry, and uses the awarded TRAVELFORCE 2000 application. Advanced Travel features a wide network of associates managing hotel bookings and ground handling (15 associates), and dealing with ticket issuance daily (10 associates).
What sets us apart from other travel agencies is that all provided services, no matter how large or small scale they are, go through the key executives who are fully aware of their clients’ needs and offer direct service and prompt response to all their requests.
During the years in service, Advanced Travel has earned the trust and acknowledgment of all major providers (airline carriers, hotels, ground handling providers) and has increased its negotiation abilities always to the benefit of its clients offering them services and prices the clients themselves could not have accomplished on their own. Thanks to our client base, we retain a robust position in the market, we are persistent and fair in our negotiations and, with the help of our providers, we care for our customers.

Our providers know that thanks to our infrastructure, we can provide our clients with a host of choices. They are aware that we support and recommend those providers that treat our customers with the same respect and genuine interest as we do. Our staff, our providers, our technology and our infrastructure are all put to the service of our customers!

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