Alexandroupolis Ecclesiastical Museum

Alexandroupolis Ecclesiastical Museum
Address: Mitropoleos square, Alexandroupoli

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The Alexandroupolis Ecclesiastical Museum  is housed in the Leontaridios Academy, next to the cathedral. It is a neo-classical building of 1909, a donationof a merchant from Maronia, Antonios Leontaridis. Until 1972 it operated as a high school.
The Metropolitan Bishop Mr. Aanthimos collected sacred heirlooms of northern Thrace (eastern Romilia) and eastern Thrace.

Visitors can see part of the marble gravestone of emperor Isaakios Komninos, the icon of the trifotissa Virgin Mary (an icon claimed to perform miracles that people from the Ainos mountain range brought after the great persecution), post – Byzantine icons from Kosmosotira Virgin Mary of Feres, vestments, sacred utensils, wood-carved objects, pots, embroideries and historical documents of Thrace.

Visitors can marvel at the ecclesiastic history and tradition of eastern and northern Thrace in this aesthetically pleasing space

Tuesday - Friday: 09.00-13.00, Saturday: 10.00-13.00

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