Archaeological Museum of Brauron

Archaeological Museum of Brauron
Address: Vravrona

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The Archeological Museum of Vravrona was built in 1962 at the southeast foothills of the hill, 200 meters away. From the archaeological site, according to the designs of architect G. Fotiadis. Its inauguration took place on 25 May 1969. Since then, it has been one of the most important museums in Attica, which houses not only the impressive material from the systematic excavations of the sanctuary of Vravrona but also from the wider region of Mesogaias.The first exhibition was organized by the then General Inspector of Antiquities I. Konti, Ephorus V. Filippas and Professor P. Themelis. With the resources of the 3rd CSF (OP Culture), the infrastructure of the building was modernized and its exhibition structure was fully restructured. The design of the re-exhibition of 2007 – 2009 was made by the archaeologists: Ioanna Drakotou, Eleni Metodiou, Vassiliki Skaraki, the architects G. Hadjigogha (professor of Architecture AUTh) and P. Gouliaris.

The Archeological Museum of Vravrona is just 200 meters away. From the archaeological site of the Temple of Artemis, one of the most important ancient sanctuaries of Attica. In the new permanent exhibition, according to modern museological and museographic methods, the rich and varied finds from the excavation of the sanctuary of Vravrona, as well as antiquities from the wider region of Mesogia, are displayed.The exhibition presents the history of Vravrona (prehistoric settlements and the ancient municipality of Philaides), the monuments of the sanctuary of Artemis and the wider area of ​​Vravrona, the traditions related to the foundation of the sanctuary, the cult and the properties of the goddess, as well as the History of Mesogaias through the presentation of excavations in representative municipalities. The exhibition space develops on one level and includes the anteroom, five halls and a patio.

The museum also houses shelters for the preservation of antiquities and workshops for the maintenance of metallic, ceramic and stone finds.



Vassiliki Skaraki, archaeologist

Tuesday - Sunday 8:00 - 15:00 Monday: closed

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