Archaeological Museum of Mycenae

Archaeological Museum of Mycenae
Address: Τ.Κ. 21 200, Mykines

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The Archaeological Museum of Mycenae is located within the archaeological site of Mycenae. It is designed to serve both the preservation of the material from the excavations at the Acropolis of Mycenae, its immediate area and its wider environment, as well as the exhibition space, to inform visitors by completing their tour.

The museum is housed in a modern building, which was erected at the foot of the Mycenae hill and in immediate proximity to the acropolis. It was built in a way that ensures direct communication with the ancient remains, parts of which are visible from its large windows and which the visitor encounters along the way from the entrance of the archaeological site where the ticket office is located. It is built on three levels and covers a total area of ​​2000 sq.m. A large area of ​​the museum is dedicated to the preservation of the archaeological material that comes from the excavations that have been carried out in the past and are continuing today.

Winter: March 2017 : 08:00-17:00 Summer: April: 08.00-19.00 From May until October 31st: 08:00-20:00

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