Archaeological Museum of Mystras

Archaeological Museum of Mystras
Address: Τ.Κ. 23100, Mistras
Fax: +30 27310 83377

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The Archaeological Museum of Mystras is housed in the two-storey building of the western wing of the northern courtyard of the Metropolis (St. Demetrius of Mystras). It was founded in 1952. In the years since then, the Museum’s collection has been greatly enriched.
The collections of the Museum include:
• Sculpture works of miniature
• Ceramics
• Currencies
• Fragments of frescoes
• Pictures
• Fabrics and organic materials.
Among the most important exhibits of the Museum are:

• Pieces of silk fabric and hair braid. They were found in a grave of the North Stoa of the temple of St. Sophia of Mystras and should belong to one of the rulers of Mystras.
• Fragments of frescoes from the deserted chapels of Mystras. Indicatively, the head of the Virgin Mary is represented by a representation of the Birth and the head of an Apostle by an Ascension show of the 14th Century, coming from the chapel of St. Friday in the Upper Chora of Mystras.
• Monasteries with the monks of the Katakouzinos family, Mystras Despots from 1348 to 1384. Rectangle of the iconostasis with the monogram and coat of arms of Zambes de Lezinau, wife of Despot Manuel Catacuzus.



Winter: From 1st of November - 31st of May 8:00-15:00 Summer: From the 1st of June until the 31th of October: 09:00-16:00

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