Archaeological Museum of Lemnos in Myrina

Archaeological Museum of Lemnos in Myrina
Address: Romeikos Gialos, Τ.Κ. 814 00, Myrina
Fax: +30 22540 22637

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The archaeological museum of Lemnos presents the historical route and the evolution of the island chronologically, from the chalcolithic period to the Roman era. The exhibition occupies both floors of the main building. On the first floor are exhibits of prehistoric Lemnos. In the two rooms on the same floor for static purposes were also placed the stone of the Museum: sculptures, inscriptions and tombstones from the classical times to the Roman period.On the second floor is the Lemnos of the historical times from the 8th century BC. C. Until the Roman times. The exhibits come from the excavations of the EKKA and the Italian Archaeological School. These are vases, everyday utensils, grave gifts, tributes, figurines, dies, seals, epigraphic testimonies, bone and metal objects, jewelery, tools and coins.

The building was built in the 19th century. And includes the central double storey, approximately 605 sq.m., the external storage areas and the yard. The building of the Lemnos Museum is a typical two-story sample of the time. Apart from the two floors where the exhibition is hosted, there is also a ground floor, which includes: the burgher’s office, the warehouses, the workshop area as well as the W.C.The roof is wooden with tiles. On the first floor there are also: the shelter, the space with the selling items as well as the guest house, while on the second floor, which has two balconies on the front and the rear of the building, there are: the library and the W.C. Access to the exhibition takes place on a double stone scale, while the floors and the ground floor communicate with an internal, partly wooden and partly concrete floor. The external warehouses are located behind the two storey and are divided into three rooms.

In 1963, with the repairs of the building, it was replaced


Winter: From Tuesday to Sunday: 08:00 - 15:00 until 31-3-2017. Monday closed. Summer: From Tuesday to Sunday open: 08:00 - 15:00 until 31-10-2017. Monday closed.

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