Archaeological Museum of Salamis

Archaeological Museum of Salamis
Address: Polychroni Lempesi 42, Τ.Κ. 18 900, Salamina
Fax: +30 210 4653572

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The Archaeological Museum of Salamina is housed in the building of the former Kapodistrian Primary School, which, with the agreement of the Municipality of Salamina, was granted to the Ministry of Culture by the Ministry of Culture. Finance to which he belonged. The museum’s collections consist mostly of excavation finds all over the island, as well as by random finds and traditions of citizens, and are works of mainly pottery and sculpture, covering the whole rich history of the island, from Prehistoric Years (Final Neolithic Age) until Late Antiquity.

The Archaeological Museum building has a large exhibition hall on the ground floor. The scale of the central entrance divides this room into two uneven spaces: Hall A and Hall B. In the center of the building there is the patio, a square courtyard with a roofed peristyle leading to the raised Hall C (see plan view). The exhibition grounds cover an area of ​​400 square meters, while another 100 square meters are occupied by the warehouses and laboratories of the Museum.

The Museum is supervised by the Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities and its purpose is to gather, record, preserve and re-expose the finds, through the knowledge, of the local and wider society for our valuable cultural heritage. However, aspiring to make the Museum a cultural center for the local community, apart from the educational programs, lectures and events that concern our cultural heritage, events are organized that cover the entire spectrum of contemporary creation (music, painting, sculpture ).

Triantafyllia Kattoula, Archaeologist


Winter: From the 1th of November 2015 until the 31 of December 2016 08:00 - 15:00 Monday: closed Summer: From the 1st of April until the 31 of October 2015: 08:00-15:00 Monday: closed

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