Byzantine Museum of Kastoria

Byzantine Museum of Kastoria
Address: Dexameni Square, Kastoria
Fax: +30 24670 29748

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The Byzantine Museum of Kastoria , which was inaugurated in 1989, stands at the summit of the hill of the Byzantine acropolis. It is housed in a modern building. The permanent display includes a small number of icons from the many Byzantine and Post – Byzantine churches in the city of Kastoria. These icons, which date from the second half of the 12th up to the 17th c., are divided into six units based first on their date and second on the artistic workshop to which they belong. Supplementary material (map, photographs, explanatory texts) introduces visitors to the content of the exhibition and helps them to understand it better.
The museum contains important collections of Byzantine icons, sculpture, mosaics, wooden-carved objects, and liturgical manuscripts and vessels.

Some of the most important items of the exhibition are:
Icon of Prophet Elijah. The figure belongs to the Comnene type. It dates to the 12th century and is certainly the product of a major art center of the time.
Icon of St. Nicholas. The figure is painted on a silver background and is surrounded by ten scenes from the saint’s life. Dated to the 12th century.
Icon of Christ Pantocrator with a votive inscription by monk Neilos. Dated to the 14th century.
St Cosmas and Damian. Dated to the 14th century.
Icon of Virgin Glykophilousa. Dated to ca 1400.
The Descent from the Cross. Dated to ca 1400.
The Man of Sorrows. Dated to the beginning of the 15th century.
Chancel door with the scene of the Annunciation and the busts of the two king prophets on the upper part. It is an excellent specimen of the local painting workshop (School of Kastoria), dated to the 15th century.
Large despotic icon of the Annunciation of the Virgin. It is a good example of the so-called School of Northwest Greece. Dated to the 16th century.
Icon of Christ Pantocratorpainted and signed by the painter Ioannes Permeniotes, of the Cretan School. Dated to the 16th century.
Icon of Virgin Hodegetria dated to the 16th century.
Icon with the rare represantation of the Dormition of St. Nicholas. It is the product of a good workshop, dated to the 15th century.

Daily: from 8:30 a.m. to 15:30 p.m. Monday: closed

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