Folklore Museum of the Nikolaos Dimitriou Foundation of Samos

Address: Τ.Κ. 83100, Pythagoreio

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The Folklore Museum of the Spiritual Foundation, Nicholas Dimitrios, represents the everyday way of life of the inhabitants of Samos before the Second World War. The museum is divided into thematic units presenting the professions of that time, such as chaffinch, fisherman, shoemaker, with the most important of all the farmer and agricultural work. At the same time, the visitor has the chance to get to know the Monokamar home and the dome, that is, the residence of the people of the time and their usefulness to serve their everyday needs.Variety of woven fabrics, the loom, pieces from the well-known outskirts of Samos, parts of the urban house, traditional men and women’s costumes, the swing and the babies are still some of the exhibits that one encounters visiting the Folklore Museum.

The main objective of the Folklore Museum is to strengthen the memory and revitalize the feelings of visitors for yesterday, as well as to teach the young Samian traditional culture. The preservation of traditional culture will be achieved through the rescue and promotion of Samian traditional objects. Those who forced to set it up, seek to make the Folklore Museum of Samos a living educational institution for the island.Thus, in the past, some events of revival of traditional customs of Samos took place, and for the future they plan to carry out educational programs for Primary Education, with the subject “The Potter” and “The Monokamaros”. The aim of these programs will be to teach children the traditional way of life of their grandparents and grandparents, as well as their habits.

Winter: From the 1st of November until the 31 of March 2010: 8:30-15:00

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