Georgios Schwartz mansion in Ampelakia of Thessaly

Georgios Schwartz mansion in Ampelakia of Thessaly
Address: Ampelakia, Larissa, Greece
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The Georgios Schwartz mansion in Ampelakia of Thessaly is one of the most important secular buildings in Greece.

It was the main residence of the President of the Association of Ambelakia, Georgiou Mavrou or Schwartz and was the seat of the Cooperative throughout its 40 years of operation (1778-1820).

It consists of the ground floor and two floors, of which the upper one carries the traditional protuberances (sachnisia). Its rich decoration with naif frescoes and wood carvings is of special beauty and technique.

It is worthwhile to observe the railing windows and the trellis, the summer rooftops on the top floor, and the vault the treasury where the carved ivory-decorated chests were stored, in which the money of the “Companion” was kept.

Overall, the building represents a whole era and the spirit of the “Enlightenment” that held the Ambelakian merchants in the 18th century, which have been imprinted in its morphology and worth the visit.

Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 3:00 pm

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