Museum of the History of the Olympic Games of antiquity

Museum of the History of the Olympic Games of antiquity
Address: Τ.Κ. 27065, Ancient Olympia

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The Museum of the History of the Olympic Games of antiquity is one of the most important archaeological museums in Greece. It hosts in its collection, artefacts from the sanctuary of Olympian Zeus, in Olympia, where the ancient Olympic Games were born and hosted.

The first museum in Olympia was founded in 1886 on a small hill west of the Altis and was subsidized by the benefactor A. Syggros. In 1954 it underwent serious damage by an earthquake and was subsequently closed. It reopened as the Olympic Games History Museum in 2004.
The museum presents the long history of the Olympic Games and hosts findings related to the period when the ancient games took place such as a collection of terracottas, a collection of bronzes, a collection of sculptures and most of all a great collection from the ancient Olympic Games. It also shows a considerable number of findings from other Greek museums which are directly related to the sporting events and athletic activity in antiquity. There are also on display objects that the athletes used in the everyday training as well as pottery and other artifacts which give us valuable information on the training of the athletes as well as the regulations of individual events and Games.

Apart from the ancient art works, visitors have the chance to enjoy virtual tours to the ancient Olympic Games. This museum just completes the whole visit to Olympia!

Summer: 08.00-15.00

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