Museum of Zakynthos

Museum of Zakynthos
Address: Τ.Κ. 29100, Zakynthos
Fax: +30 26950 29931

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Today at the large Dionysios Solomos square an impressive neoclassical building is located, which was built in 1959 and its construction was based on the architectural design of architect Spiridon Legeri. The building with a total area of 1,563 sq.m. has two storeys and mezzanine floors in order to host the masterpieces was salvaged from the 1953 catastrophe. Some eight hundred works are recorded in the first catalogue of the Museum. The special significance of the Zakynthos Museum lies in the fact that it enables the visitor to appreciate the development of Postbyzantine and Neohellenic art, and offers a full picture of the influences of Western art in the Ionian Islands.

The stoa that the visitor crosses to reach the museum entrance is adorned with capitals of “Foscolos” Civil Theatre pilaster, one of the loveliest theatres in the eastern Mediterranean, designed by the German architect Ernst Ziller. In the square stands the statue of Dionysios Solomos, a copy of the original work of the Athenian sculptor Georgio Bruto. When the visitor enters the Museum, sees “The Litany of the relic of Saint Charalambos” which was painted by Yannakis Korais and responds fully to the three basic principles of Renaissance theatre: the unity of space, time and action.

In recent years the Zakynthos Museum has been the venue of activities that enhance its many-sided role as a cultural centre. Exhibitions of works by contemporary artists (from the Pieridis and Frysiras collections, retrospective of Kostas Barbas ). have been held there and experimental programmes-guided tours arranged for persons with special needs, in the framework of the European Horizon project.

Tuesday to Saturday: 8: 00.- 15:00 Sunday - Monday: Closed

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