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Address: Proteos 25, Kifisia 145 64
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OTE Telecommunications Museum preserves and exhibits important collections, closely connected with the history of Greek telecommunications and thus OTE, as well as the history of Greece and the evolution of its society.

The telecommunication inventions of man, in his attempt to overcome the space-time barriers for a safe and rapid communication are the stories narrating by our Museum. Operates since 1990 in the building of OTE in Kifissia and offers specific areas for its permanent exhibitions, screening and lecture hall, library and laboratory. The Museum’s collection includes more than 4.500 objects and a rich archival material.

he Museum’s collection exceeds 4.500 objects and archival material. It includes, among other things, copies of important, ancient and Byzantine media, original hand phones (late 19th century), Morse telegraphs, fiber optics, wireless communication systems, telephoto devices (1949), telex, and one of the first Greek TV studios (1965). The objects are classified based on their originality and construction.

The exhibition is divided into two major periods: the “pre-electric”, which includes telecommunications inventions from the Greek antiquity and Byzantium, and the “after-electric” period relating to telecommunications inventions since the discovery of electricity, the satellite communications to the modern telecommunications services.

Monday to Friday: 08:00-15:00

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Proteos 25
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