Archaeological Museum of Argos

Address: Vasilissis Olgas 2, Τ.Κ. 21200, Argos

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Archaeological Museum of Argos houses movable finds from the Argos town, the western part of the plain of Argolida and the mountainous Argolida. They date from the prehistoric times to the Roman era.

The building complex of the museum consists of two sections, a listed monument, “Kallergio” and a new wing. The permanent exhibition includes three halls. The largest room is located on the ground floor of the new section of the museum. In it, the exhibition follows chronological order, with findings from the Middle Helladic period to the classical era.One of the most important exhibits is a large burial compass, a bronze armor, iron anles with their shipkeepers in the shape of a ship of the geometric period (8th century BC), a section of the 7th century BC. Which depicts the Polyphylos blindness, a lyre made with a turtle shell and an Attic red-figure vase of the painter Eronakta.

On the ground floor of “Kallergiou” there are exhibits from the prehistoric settlement of Lerna dating back to the Early Neolithic period [the period until the Mycenaean era. Among the most important exhibits is the clay feminine figurine of the Neolithic period, the clay circular fireplace and the stamps of stone stones from the ancient Hellenic settlement of Lerna.

On the “Kallergiou” floor there are sculptures from the area, mostly copies of classical works. Particularly remarkable is the relief of the Eumenes of the Hellenistic period as well as a copy of the so-called Hercules ‘Farnese’ of Lysippus.

In the courtyard of the museum is a representation of part of the garden of a Roman villa located at Gounari Street in Argos. In its galleries there are mosaic floors found in it or in the area. There are hunting scenes with hawk and personalized seasons and months of the year.


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