Archaeological Museum of Veria

Archaeological Museum of Veria
Address: 47 Anoixeos Str., Τ.Κ. 59100, Veroia

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The Archaeological Museum of Veria hosts findings from the archaeological sites of Imathia that date back to Hellenistic and Roman times. However, this image is not representative, since in the warehouses there are many important finds from prehistoric times (eg Nea Nicomedia), but also from the Iron Age (Vergina Tomb Cemetery). In the garden of the Museum there is a large number of tombstones and honorary altars, as well as various types of inscriptions. The most important exhibit of the Museum is the inscription with the “Gymnasian” Law of Veria (a normative text of the operation of the Gymnasium of the ancient city).

The building of the Museum is ground floor and includes three exhibition rooms. In the first, findings from burial sets of Hellenistic years (vases, weapons, jewelery) and a model of a vaulted tomb of Veroia are displayed. The second room includes sculptures, inscriptions, vases and figurines of Hellenistic years, while the third sculpture works, portraits, figurines and jewels of the Roman period.

The Museum is officially assigned to the EKPA and has in the past organized a cultural event with paintings, in collaboration with the Cultural Corporation of the Municipality of Veria (June 1999).


E. Psarra, archaeologist

Summer: Monday : 12:00 - 20:00 Tuesday-Sunday : 8:00 – 20:00

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