Archaeological Museum of Elis

Archaeological Museum of Elis
Address: Ilida

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The Archaeological Museum of Elis  houses the finds from the systematic excavations in the ancient city, as well as from the excavations, traditions and rescue excavations in and around the archaeological site.

The findings of the old excavations carried out by the Austrians (1910-1914) were kept in a warehouse in the neighboring Bouchioti (Augusta) until 1960, when the newest systematic excavations began, when new warehouses were built a little southeast of the theater (1961). During the rescue excavations (1965-1970) for the passage of the Peneios dam, some of the finds, mainly the metallic, were transferred to the Olympia Museum for maintenance and safer storage.

Finally, two points in the archaeological site, one next to the warehouses and the other somewhat farther, were used to gather the bulk of the architectural members that came mostly from the dissolution of the buildings found in the course of canal works. In 1980, some of the items that existed in the warehouses of Ilida were exhibited in a small room, as well as around the inner peristyle courtyard of the Iliad archaeological collection built in the warehouse area.

Daily: 08:00 -15:00

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