Archaeological Museum of Pella

Archaeological Museum of Pella
Address: Τ.Κ. 58005, Pella
Fax: +30 23820 33092

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The Museum of Pella is located on the southeastern foothills of the palace hill, in the northeastern part of the visiting archaeological site, in the immediate vicinity of the modern settlement to the east. It is the natural ending of the visitor to the archaeological site where he has the opportunity to reconstruct the archaeological evidence provided by the monuments during his tour and to understand the various aspects of the daily and public life of the Macedonian capital. That is why the thematic sections of the exhibition harmonize with the excavation areas of the space, without being cut off from one another.As they are located at different levels, corresponding to the terrain of the site, visitor’s continuous visual contact with almost all thematic units, as well as the archaeological site itself, is ensured through the building’s window openings. The rectangular patio of the building is a reference to the central peristyle courtyard of the houses of Pella.

In the section of the information, the visitors are provided with texts, photographs, maps, drawings and a large model of the archaeological site the necessary elements for their acquaintance with Pella: the geomorphological evolution of the area, historical data about the city and the excavations, The urban system and the fortifications. The identity of the city is inscribed with inscribed roof tiles with its name (PELLIS), while its historical phases represent selected coins from the excavations of various places, cuts of Macedonian kings (from Alexandros I to Perseus) and the years after Roman conquest of 168 BC

Dr. M. Lilibaki-Akamati / Archaeologist, Director of the Second EPA

Summer: April 1st to October 31st Monday: 12:00 - 20:00 Tuesday - Sunday: 08:00- 20:00

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