Archaeological Collection of Kozani

Archaeological Collection of Kozani
Address: 8 Dimokratias str., Τ.Κ. 50100, Kozani

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The Archaeological Collection of Kozani keeps findings from all over the Prefecture and can be divided into two main themes:

A) Findings of deliveries, recollections and excavations, which were introduced in the Collection until 1980. The most important is the classic cemetery of Kozani. The findings of this section date from prehistoric to Roman times.

(B) Findings of traditions, excavations and excavations, which have been introduced in the Collection since 1980. Major units of the second unit come from rescue, surface and excavation research of prehistoric settlements of the Yellow Lake Valley, from rescue, surface and excavation research in Aliakmonas Valley – Artificial Lake Polyfytos and from rescue excavations in various archaeological sites of the prefecture of Kozani .The finds date from the earliest Neolithic to the Roman times.

Representative finds from almost all the above sets, mainly of the old findings, were exposed in the exhibition of the Archaeological Collection until 1995, when the earthquake occurred. From then on, due to the damage to the building, the Archaeological Collection ceased to operate. The purpose of the Collection is the storage, exhibition and display of the ancients from all the prefecture of Kozani, except those of Aiani and its wider region, which are exhibited at the Aiani Archaeological Museum.

The collection is housed in a neoclassical building (“Katsika House”, donated by Panagiotidis), whose use as a museum space has been granted by the Municipality of Kozani. The building is a two-storey (total area of ​​240 sq.m.) with a courtyard. At the same time, the Hellenic Ministry of Culture is renting a warehouse of 230 sq.m., in the ground floor of a two-storey building, and one room of the KAPI building of the Municipality of Kozani.

The activities of the Archaeological Collection include various cases concerning the areas of Yellow Lake and Artificial Lake Polyfytos, as well as cases concerning the Archaeological Collections of the Cultural Center of Velvento, the Folklore Museum and the Museum of Natural History of Kozani. The Archaeological Collection is administratively assigned to the 1st Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities.

Monday - Friday 8:00 - 15:00 Saturday and Sunday 8:30 - 18:00

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