Byzantine Museum of Argolis

Byzantine Museum of Argolis
Address: Τ.Κ. 21 200, Argos
Fax: +30 27510-68977

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The chief goal of the Byzantine Museum of Argolis is to show representative aspects of the region of Argolis Regional Unit from the 4th century up to modern times. Argolis Regional Unit includes Argos, one of Greece’s oldest continually inhabited cities, and Nafplio.The exhibits are mainly comprised of ceramics, sculptures, coins, mosaics, murals and various small objects, taken from excavations in the city of Argos, and other areas of Argolida.

The first section, entitled “An Empire is Born” shows artifacts from the early Byzantine Empire and its foundational religion, Christianity.

The second section deals with the transition to the Middle Ages and the insecurity that prevailed from the 7th to the 9th century.

The third section, entitled “Middle Byzantine Argolis”, is the “heart” of the exhibition bringing together the majority of the exhibits.

In the fourth and final section entitled “Argolis: a crossroads of civilizations,” attention turns to the meeting, coexistence and in some cases integration of different cultures in the lands of Argolida.

Daily: .00-14.00 The museum is closed every Monday

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