Catholic Chapel of Madonna del Carmine

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Address: Corfu Old Fortress, Τ.Κ. 49131, Kerkyra
Fax: +30 26610 47951

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The catholic chapel of Madonna del Carmine is located at the archaeological site of the Old Fortress of Corfu. It was built on the bridge of the land moat between 1636 and 1671 and it belonged to the homonym religious order. It is mentioned that during the Venetian Occupation those sentenced to death where taken there 24 hours before their execution.

It is a simple rectangular area, divided into two parts by means of an arcade with two supports and has a double-pitched roof. The supports, two columns of elegant proportions with monolithic unfluted shafts and simple capitals with schematized leaves at the corners, possibly originate from an older monument.

The chapel was repaired on the occasion of the 1994 Summit meeting of the European Union and today, it houses temporary exhibitions.

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