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The Numismatic Museum in a world changing at a dizzying pace responds to the new challenges and conjures up its own vision. The combination of memory and vision creates the right conditions for the Museum to solidly build its present and look optimistically for the future.

However, in order to be able to respond to social changes and to meet the expectations of not only its audience but also to increase the number of its visitors, the Monetary Museum must innovate, dynamically present its present. It is called upon to play the key role in social developments through the education and democratization of society while at the same time continuing to act as a witness to the past and guardian of its treasures for future generations.

The Monetary Museum has always encouraged and continues to encourage the creation of new educational programs aimed at raising the awareness of young generations about the particular role of museums in society. Ilion Melathron with his monetary treasures adopts for the first time in his cultural and educational actions the use of new technologies.

Ilion Melathron is a combination of coexistence of museum treasures in a historic building. A remarkable example of the two-way projection of mobile and immovable cultural heritage in the center of Athens. Today, museums should not only be limited to the exhibition of ancient objects and their contribution to scientific research but to organize events, whether or not related to the museum’s themes. This creates the right conditions for human communication and offers the opportunity for each visit to be a new experiential experience.

Our suggestion is to “revive” in some way the “hairstyles” of Henry Schliemann inside the building or its garden and our aim to surround and highlight the social and cultural role of the Museum as a fixed point of reference in the heart of Athens.

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Dr. Georgios Kakavas, Director of the Monetary Museum

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