SKY express: won the trust of the passenger public in 2023 and continues its upward trajectory in 2024

SKY express and Athens International Airport “El. Venizelos” welcomed their partners to a special summer event

On Wednesday, June 26, at the Four Seasons Astir Palace, SKY express and Athens International Airport welcomed representatives of the country’s largest travel agencies and the media to celebrate together the successful course of 2023 and to give together the start of the summer tourist season.

In 2023, SKY express recorded a highly successful year gaining the trust of almost 4.5 million passengers. The company strengthened its flight program in 2023 in major markets in Europe. It strengthened its presence in Germany through the addition of Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, while also adding the destination of Warsaw in Poland. At the same time, in July 2023, the company presented to the passenger public BLISS, its business class, which was trusted by more than 6,000 passengers already in the first six months.

In 2024, SKY express continues its successful course with an increase in the frequency of routes from Athens to Rome, Milan and Munich, while it has added new routes from Heraklion of Crete to Larnaca and from Rhodes to Paris.

It is worth mentioning that SKY express, in the context of strengthening the tourist season in Crete, has taken the initiative to maintain its routes from Heraklion to Paris until the end of November.

An equally important growth factor for the company is its enhanced portfolio of strategic interline partnerships with 18 of the largest global air carriers, which enhances the country’s interconnection prospects with more than 160 countries. It is worth noting that in 2023 SKY express transported – on a weekly basis – more than 1,000 passengers from all over the world through Athens International Airport.  

SKY express in 2024 supports its enhanced flight program, with the addition of 6 state-of-the-art aircraft to its fleet, which shall soon numbers 27 aircraft. The company’s Airbus fleet carries CFM LEAP-1A engines, a strategic choice and investment by the company, as this type of engine is associated with proven reliability and safety. The ATR aircraft of SKY express are another strategic choice by the company, as they offer the necessary flexibility “dictated” by the geomorphological conditions of the country’s regional airports. The company has renewed its fleet of ATR 72-600 aircraft and now, their average age does not exceed 1.6 years.

The addition of the brand-new ATR 72-600 enables SKY express to strengthen the domestic tourism product, adding 100,000 additional seats in popular Greek summer destinations, such as the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, for the summer of 2024.

Looking ahead to 2024, SKY express remains the only Greek airline, which continues to cover the largest network of 33 destinations within Greece and one of the fastest growing networks in Europe with 37 destinations in 15 countries.

In total, SKY express in 2024 offers 6,4 million seats in the Greek market, 80% of which are to and from Athens, effectively adding 5,2 million seats to Athens International Airport.

As Mr. Gerasimos Skaltsas, Chief Commercial Officer of SKY express stated: “We welcome again this year together, with all of you, another tourist season. The challenge for all of us at SKY express is constant, to fly to every corner of our country and around the world, to promote and establish our country as the ultimate destination throughout the year.

Together with all of you, our partners, our employees, our travel agents and of course the people of Athens International Airport, we take the travel experience to the next level. We strengthen our flight program, our fleet, our services, our international partnerships and initiatives. We continue with the same passion to work every day to make Greece a sought-after travel destination all year round for passengers from all over the world. 

The Director of Communication & Marketing of Athens International Airport, Ioanna Papadopoulou, stated: “As every year, we were delighted to meet again with SKY express, this excellent airline partner of ours, at the beginning of the summer season 2024, at a very impressive point of the coastal front of Athens, to… usher into the Summer!

We had the opportunity together with the tourism professionals and the representatives of the Mass Media to exchange ideas and opinions, presenting all the elements that make up the unique success story of SKY express at Athens airport again this year: Starting from 2.5% of our market in 2019, SKY express today holds 13%, thanks to its excellent and modern aviation product, its dynamic strategy for sustainable and environmentally responsible development and a team of people who every day plan with enthusiasm, care and professionalism its next steps company

Many wishes for a dynamic Athenian Summer, with safe and full of flights!


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