Tower of Ouranoupolis

Tower of Ouranoupolis

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The exhibition of the Ouranoupolis tower is a project that took place within the framework of the 3rd Community Support Framework and was launched in 2005 by the 10th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities. The aim of the foundation and operation of the museum is, besides the promotion and use of the tower of Ouranoupolis, the promotion of the cultural heritage of northeastern Halkidiki, Mount Athos, as well as the numerous visitors for the history of the tower and the Loch couple, Who lived in the tower for many years.At the same time, the tower and the exhibition are part of the Ouranoupoli Archaeological Walk, which starts from the tower and ends at the archaeological site of the monastery of Zygos.

Thematic exhibitions take place in the monument itself, the tower and the barbaka, which once belonged to the Athenian monastery of Vatopedi. The initial phase of the tower was placed in the 11th-12th century, and it was converted after the earthquake of 1585 and the 19th century. The Ephorate has restored all the previous years the buildings of the complex and has performed all the necessary interventions to make the museological space operational.


Tuesday-Sunday 09:00-17:00

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