Zygomalas Museum

Address: Aulona , Attiki

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The Zygomalas Museum  was founded in 1937 at the initiative of Lucy Zygomala (1866-1947) and functioned from the beginning in the exhibition space added for this purpose to the country house of the Zygomala family. The re-exhibition took place in 1990-1990 and the inauguration in July 1991. The Museum is managed by the Commission and operates under the supervision of the People’s Culture Directorate of the Ministry of Culture.

After its re-presentation it has the following form:

Three exponential surfaces were created by a special working group in three autonomous displays, where the simultaneous coexistence of an original fit of traditional costume, framed patterns and samples and new embroidery that now have the specially modified pattern speaks clearly about the reproduction stages. On each surface is shown only one pattern and its variants. In two more showcases there are many embroidery of the schools.

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